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Course curriculum

Build My online Presence

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    1. Whats the PURPOSE of your course ?

    1. Aims and Objectives - Explained

    2. Aims, objectives, and learning outcomes

    3. Chapters

    1. Equipment

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    3. Cutting out mistakes and Bloopers

About this course

  • £199.00
  • 19 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

What you will achieve

  • Learn how to develop your product

    You will be taught by qualified teachers and trainers how to develop your course aims and objectives.

  • Launch a product within 4 weeks

    You will be taught everything you need to Design, Develop, and Launch a product.

  • Be the authority

    You will be taught how to develop your passion and turn it into profit. Be the ONLY one delivering it your way!


  • Teach and Earn

    Use your passion and experiences and deliver a unique online package of MP3s or Courses!

  • Be part of Community and Support

    You will be part of a team and network of support. You will have step-by-step help!

  • Work with Technology

    You will be taught HOW to navigate technology, simply and effectively

Please dont join this course

If you cant answer YES to any of these, Genuinely This isn't for you. I only want to work with people who want to excel.

  • Are you ready to Unlock new skillsets?

  • Are you ready to earn while you sleep?

  • Ready to unleash a new passion?


  • Im not that good with technology, is this right for me?

    YES!!!! You have spent lots of money on your training. Let me show you how to work with technology and deliver your passion to clients or students.

  • How long will this take me and when will I launch?

    If you follow what I tell you and complete the tasks I set for you, in less than 4 weeks. In the first week, you will know what you doing and when we will launc

  • How long will I have access and support?

    You will have access to this course and any updates for a lifetime.

  • Can I really earn good money from this?

    YES..... I'm screaming at therapists, coaches, and those with a passion, on a daily basis to do this and earn more money or add value to their clients.