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Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

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This bundle is amazing value! Normally retailing for £59.96, get all 4 MP3’s for an fantastic low price of only £24.99

Stop Smoking NOW!

You were not born smoking, You taught yourself! Remember that foul and disgusting taste of that first ever cigarette you had? Your body rejected it… but you chose to carry on. So STOP SMOKING NOW!

Listen to this MP3 for 30 days as many times as you like and Notice each day how the flavour and cravings change! Stick with it and it will work!

Weight Loss Support

Weight Loss support will help you with your Diet or Weight Loss requirements’, Change your food perception and Stop bad habits.

Listen to this MP3 for 30 days as many times as you like to support your weight loss plan.

Get to Sleep

Today’s world is stressful for minds and body, So sit back and relax and allow this de-stress recoding let you ease away that stress, To much stress can be harmful to our bodies….Lets reduce that now.

Listen to this MP3 for 30 days as many times as you like!

Remove Anxiety

Anxiety has many forms and this recording will allow you to sit back and listen to the suggestions, You were not born with Anxiety…You developed it…So let’s work together to manage it and remove that Anxious feeling from your life.

Listen to this MP3 for 30 days as many times as you like.

WARNING: You understand before purchase not to use whilst driving or using machinery. If you are unsure of any medical issue you may have please refer to GP before commencing with recording.



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Karl Smith
Karl Smith
Lead Trainer

About the instructor

Karl Smith has been involved in change work and Hypnosis since 2006. He started with meridian based techniques then found a love for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, after it remove Post Trauma from his life. Karl now teaches Hypnosis Internationally and specialises in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).

What's included?

4 Audios

Course Curriculum

Weight Loss MP3
Anxiety support
Stop that SMOKING
Get to Sleep

4 Hypnotherapy Downloads that you can use to help you make those permanent lifestyle changes you want.  

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