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Hypnosis Fundamentals

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This will give you what you need to get started or speed up!

This is for Beginners, the Intrigued or the seasoned therapist!

Hypnosis Fundamentals – Building Confidence, Speed and Knowledge in your Hypnosis.

Hypnosis fundamentals is exactly what it says, this 1 hour plus recording will give you a ‘step by step’ guide on How to achieve Hypnosis with a subject.

Working with Karl Smith who has turned a small backroom Hypnotherapy business into an International Hypnotherapy Business and now Speaker and Presenter on Hypnosis.

This will serve any new therapist or seasoned therapist in their journey in hypnosis or trance work with a comprehensive look into Hypnosis and How to achieve it.

I have simplified Hypnosis for the beginner and those that have practiced for a while, I have broken the Hypnosis journey into 5 steps with the Hypnotic Wheel.

1. Learn how effective PRE TALK is and How to ensure you get the result you want
2. Learn 5 DIFFERENT INDUCTIONS – Watch as we break these inductions down in simple formats for you to practice
3. Use DEEPNERS – Take them to another level
4. Give great SUGGESTIONS – Give them something amazing
5. Energetic EMERGENCE – Bring the client back with energy

Learn how to be Safe and Ethical with subjects whilst they enjoy the Hypnotic Phenomena and Journey.

As I explain each chapter you will see me demonstrate each induction and method, you can then in your own time imitate what I have done then practice it.

Use the Hypnotic cycle to help you in any situation and guide you, then practice, practice ….PRACTICE !

You take what you need and become the Hypnotist you want to be!

Remember Keep going, If one technique doesn’t work…..Use another straight away!

Enjoy Your Experience with Hypnosis Fundamentals with Karl Smith


Course Reviews


A simple explanation goes a long way and this is what this course does

by angelo deponeo


A simple explanation goes a long way and this is what this course does

by angelo deponeo
Karl Smith
Karl Smith
Lead Trainer

About the instructor

Karl Smith has been involved in change work and Hypnosis since 2006. He started with meridian based techniques then found a love for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, after it remove Post Trauma from his life. Karl now teaches Hypnosis Internationally and specialises in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).

What's included?

3 Videos

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Hypnosis Fundamentals
Hypnosis Fundamentals and Inductions
Hypnosis Fundamentals Part 2

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