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  • How many years must I have practised therapy to apply for this mentoring?

    You can have ZERO or 30 years of experience,I will develop you and your business.

  • When do we meet

    We will meet every 2 weeks to ensure you are doing what you should be doing. Its via Zoom and is recorded, so you can watch it later, if your busy!!! BUT .... I want you there !!!

  • How long is the training?

    12 months, with the option to renew next year!

  • What happens if I dont want to teach?

    Everything is an option. I'm teaching you best practices. You don't need to teach, but I will teach you how to deliver powerful presentations.

  • What happens if I miss a week?

    Catch up with your peer support group and get going again!! I will support you...

  • Im still not sure ....

    Contact Karl Smith and chat it through!

Here to make you thrive

We want you to be succesful

  • Bonus material

    Learn how to develop your teaching style and curriculums. Our trainers are all qualified teachers with real teaching qualifications, we will show you how to develop that skill.

  • 12 months of mentoring and support

    You will be working along Karl Smith to develop not only your training skills but your personal and business skills. This will develop you as a figure and authority within the profession.

  • Support

    You will have access to Karl Smith, Andy Latto our training manager and our experienced trainers. Plus access to our Social media and Website developers.

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